Church Leadership

Reflecting our deep roots in the New England Congregational tradition, our church is operated democratically according to a set of By-Laws that are updated regularly to assure both flexibility and  relevancy.  Decisions are made by an elected Leadership Council and the entire congregation meets at three quarterly and one annual meeting.

The church is blessed by a diverse and dedicated group of lay leaders reflecting the diversity of the congregation.

Lay Leadership for 2015:

Moderator: Dr. Margo Moore

Clerk: Margaret Forbush


Asst Treasurer:   Anne Tangen

WORSHIP MINISTRY: Larry Bedell, Lou Cabot, Brian Fernandes, Linda Paradise-Chair, Pam Paynton, Ridley Rhind, Steve Sedgwick, Linda Shwartz, Sonja White

MUSIC COMMITTEE:  Gene Antonell ,Susan McLaren, Pam Paynton, Sonja White, Gerry Dyck-ex-officio,

FINANCE MINISTRY:  Sandy Fogg, Kevern Joyce-Chair , Ray Lantz, Jr., John Lok, David Wyss, Anne Tangen-Asst. Treasurer

INVESTMENT COMMITTEE:  Sandy Fogg, Phil Guymont – Chair, Kevern Joyce , Ray Lantz, Gale Litchfield, Ridley Rhind, Anne Tangen – Asst. Treasurer

PROPERTY COMMITTEE  Jack Paradise – Chair, Dick Purdy


FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY:  Lee Murray, Linda Neilson, David Neilson, Terry Cryan

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION MINISTRY:  Katie Christianson, Doug Fogg, Linda Mello, Beth Neto, Kathy Pappas-Chair, Jeannie Paradise, Anne Sedgwick, Sue Sullivan, Rev. Douglas Cederberg-ex-officio

MEMBERSHIP MINISTRY: Fred Dabney-Chair, Leslie De Groot-Council Rep, David Fentress, David Ferreira, Tenney Lantz-Council Rep

WOMEN’S GUILD: President-Linda Paradise, Vice Pres – Cecelia Roberts, Treasurer- Kate Ouellette, Corr.Secretary – Sonja White, Rec. Sec. – Kathy Pappas, Publicity – Pam Joyce

OUTREACH MINISTRY:  Christine Baldwin, Pam Joyce , Gail Litchfield, David Neilson, Kristy Oliver, Heather Stivison, Grace Wyss

CAREGIVING MINISTRY:  Carol Flack, Co-chair, Jane Rioux, Co-chair

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: Elizabeth Chouniard, Tena Coley, Jane Goulet, Jeanne Gulbranson, Margaret Jones, Jennifer Koop, Gale Litchfield, Cyndi Mikkelson, Margo Moore, Elizabeth Nichols, Jane Rioux-Chair, Linda Shwartz, Lisa Tufano, Sonja White

LAY SHEPHERDS: Carol Flack-Chair, Margo Moore, Jane Rioux, Julie Rhind, Cindy Scheller, Martha Shuster

PASTORAL RELATIONS COMMITTEE: Warren Hathaway, Margo Moore-Moderator, Lisa Tufano, David Wyss, Pastor Doug Stivison, Sonja White


HUMAN RESOURCES MINISTRY: Jim Forbush-Chair, Cyndi Mickkelson

GREEN TEAM: Larry Bedell, Leslie De Groot, Bill Flack, Carol Flack, Jim Forbush, Margaret Forbush, Jane Goulet, Phil Guymont, Gale Litchfield, Bob Lytle, Carolyn Lytle, Susan McLaren-Chair, Kristy Oliver, Julie Rhind, Jane Rioux, Peter Rioux, Sue Sullivan

UCC Conference Delegates: Kathy Pappas, Sue Sullivan



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