Bible Study on the Book of Job

October 12, 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The Rev. Dr. Gregory Mobley will be teaching a class on the Book of Job.

Dear Friends at South Dartmouth, I invite you to join me—and some of the greatest minds who have ever lived—to immerse ourselves for three Wednesday nights in October in the Bible’s bizarre masterpiece, the book of Job. Somewhere along the way, Job has gotten the reputation as a place where secrets are revealed about the meaning of suffering.

Maybe, maybe not.

But this I do know. After studying and teaching Job at some depth for twenty years, I can guarantee that an open-hearted, full-souled study of Job will absolutely yield revelation. It will bring to the surface questions from the ocean floor of your religious identity.

Before the first class, I recommend that you read the book of Job in whatever translation you want. I do recommend (but do not require) Stephen Mitchell’s translation, readily available through Amazon.

If you want to attend the three week class on Zoom, please email Pastor Emily at [email protected]