Landscaping Committee

The Green Team is the unofficial landscaping committee for the church. We meet weekly (usually on Thursday evening around 6 pm) from late  spring through fall and work together to keep the church grounds looking beautiful. This is a fun and  healthy way to do work that benefits the church while also enjoying the camaraderie of fellow church members. You don’t have to be a serious gardener or even have any gardening knowledge to join the Green Team…….volunteers of all ages and abilities are welcome! Together we weed, mulch, prune, rake, deadhead flowers, plant and maintain containers, etc.  About once monthly we go to dinner after gardening, usually at Friendly Pizza. We have a special clean-up session in the spring to kick-off the season and another in the fall to rake leaves and get the grounds in shape for winter. Watch for announcements this spring as gardening season begins again, and come join us. We’re a friendly, fun group and could definitely use more help!